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Vapor blasting may be the solution you are looking for to make all your  aluminum parts and motor, clutch, chain cases and more  look new again

See what Vapor Honing and Vapor Blasting can do for you and your next restoration project

Just some of this today's featured parts

Vapor Blasting
vapor blasting service
Vapor honing
dry blast verses vapor honing
Vapor Blasting 1924 case
vapor blasting brass & copper
Vapor Blasting motorcycle head
Vapor Blasting
Before Vapor Blasting

Vapor Honing Key Benefits


Attractive Finish

The Vapor Honing process uses a combination of pressurized water and smooth media. The water cushions the impact of the media and also lubricates the action of the media against the surface of the part. This is what gives Vapor Honed components their bright, smooth finish. 

Gentle Process

Unlike bead blasting, which propells potentially destructive media at high speed towards the surface of the part, Vapor Honing is very gentle and is safe to use on threads, engravings and surfaces on which tolerances must be maintained. Vapor Honing is a cold process that, unlike bead blasting, does not generate any heat via friction which can easily cause distortion of the part. Vapor Honing is safe to use on small and thin parts without any worry of damaging them. 

Durability & Longevity

Vapor Honed components retain their appearance due to the peening and sealing nature of the finish. Particularly with aluminum, the pores of the metal are peened closed which prevents future staining and corrosion. This ensures that your components will look attractive and stay clean for many years to come. 


Our process cleans and degreases the part as it finishes it. Oil, grease, dirt and other residue is thoroughly removed from the surface of the part and from below the visible surface of the part from which it may appear later (particularly when heated). 

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Preparing your parts for shipping

 When your ready Have every every thing disassembled all bearing and valves removed and on carburetors you must take out your needle valve and seat 

 When Shipping your parts to us 

Shipping your parts to us.

I Highly recommend using the shipping service called Spee-Dee

Spee-Dee Delivery provides regular shipping services to all of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, as well as select cities and ZIP Codes in Michigan, Missouri, and Nebraska. (Click here to see map)

When your ready to ship you parts 

Call this number (320)251-6697 EXT 504 

they will ask you for the  ship to location tell them aluminum Rescue Amery wi ( i am in there system) your address  weight , height length width.

they will tell you cost  you can pay by Credit Card or cash or check at pick up time

They  will generate the shipping label and pick up the package at your address 

For example I shipped 110 LBS 400 miles for $39.00

Feel free to go to there web site and use the calculator for your package 

Of coarse you can us any other shipping provider you choose.

Other services  

Sand blast and paint exhaust pipes and cans Spray with silica ceramic 2200 degree

Nitrogen Tire filling

I offer this service free of charge to clients that drop off parts to be vapor honed if your vehicle tires current have Nitrogen filled tires as a top off or pressure check.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have or projects you have?  you may also use the chat live with me button be sure you click on the Menu Icon and visit my other pages  

the best way to contact me is by phone 

 call 715-494-0442 or text me a pic of your parts ill be more than happy to give you a quote or talk with you about your project.

Are you a Fan of the vapor honing process yet??

I am trying to show you the good The bad and the ugly and what this process can do for you 

I can help you breath new life in to your restoration project

I have done several dozens of motors completely assembled mostly snowmobile motors and smaller motor cycle motors and many other types in some we only have to remove stator and fly wheel as i have developed techniques to seal many motors  

View Before and after Picture galleries below

Snowmobile parts picture Gallery
Motorcycle picture Gallery
automotive related parts

For cost of services and frequently asked questions  click here Basic honing service is 2 dollars per minute  CLICK HERE for more details

Do you have a project and want to have this service done contact me by filling out the form below

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