Vapor Honing Key Benefits


Attractive Finish

The Vapor Honing process uses a combination of pressurized water and smooth media. The water cushions the impact of the media and also lubricates the action of the media against the surface of the part. This is what gives Vapor Honed components their bright, smooth finish. 

Gentle Process

Unlike bead blasting, which propells potentially destructive media at high speed towards the surface of the part, Vapor Honing is very gentle and is safe to use on threads, engravings and surfaces on which tolerances must be maintained. Vapor Honing is a cold process that, unlike bead blasting, does not generate any heat via friction which can easily cause distortion of the part. Vapor Honing is safe to use on small and thin parts without any worry of damaging them. 

Durability & Longevity

Vapor Honed components retain their appearance due to the peening and sealing nature of the finish. Particularly with aluminum, the pores of the metal are peened closed which prevents future staining and corrosion. This ensures that your components will look attractive and stay clean for many years to come. 


Our process cleans and degreases the part as it finishes it. Oil, grease, dirt and other residue is thoroughly removed from the surface of the part and from below the visible surface of the part from which it may appear later (particularly when heated). 

Polaris colt a 44 year old part before vapor honing 

The same only 1/2 done see the brass brake sensor area they look like new

new featured  clients parts for the month of may 2018 

New picture gallery as of 1/24/18 

This is probably the nasty motors I have seen to date.  What you are looking  at is a 1970 438 polaris fan I did just areas of this to you you the before and after 

Vapor Honing Vapor Blasting by Aluminum Rescue Amery Wi 54001 

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